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Latin America and the Caribbean Brand – Winners: Ana Belén Arregui – Ecuador, Alejandro Muñoz Bottas – Ecuador, Jean Nicolas Guerreiro – Brazil
Jury: Tere Chad – Chile, Terri-Karelle Johnson – Jamaica, Karina Salguero (ID) – Costa Rica, Claudia Casarino – Paraguay, Sergio Díaz-Granados (CAF President) – Colombia, Adriana Barbosa – Brazil, Gustavo Santos – Argentina

in the Jury for the
Latin America
and the Caribbean Brand

Organized by CAF

CAF, Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean approached Ibero-American designs to be part of the jury to choose a Brand for Latin America and the Caribbean. After proposing several names, we chose Karina Salguero, vice-president of ID, a journalist with a lot of experience in Design.

Karina summarizes her experience summarized as follows:
Dear friends of ID, I have already mentioned the experience of this jury in our Board of Directors.
I believe that one of the most important achievements is the journey we are making to make Ibero-American design more visible and that some institutions are beginning to value it. The CAF presidency team believes that their support for ID can grow and this experience can open doors to consolidate more opportunities for projects in the agreement we are managing with them. I joined the jury that had already been working for several days and had defined five finalist studios along with a group of expert designers to organize and present the proposals:

Team 1, Argentina:
Claudio Chicchinelli, Art Director.
Diego Cesar, Bachelor in Marketing and Creative.
Clara Rubio, Geographer.
Fernanda Rubio, Anthropologist.
Agustín Neglía, Videographer..

Team 2, Chile:
Tomas Castiglioni – Co founder MICE Studio.
Edo Bertrán – Founder of Simplicity.
Italo Arenas – Art Director at Simplicity.

Team 3, Colombia:
Oliver Siegenthaler Art Director – S&C.
Catherine Estefan Brand Strategist – S&Co.
Juan Martínez – Senior Designer – S&Co.
Juliana Rojas – Colombia Motion Designer – S&Co.

Team 4, Ecuador & Brazil:
Ana Belén Arregui – Ecuador – Senior Art Director – Tag NY.
Alejandro Muñoz Bottas – Ecuador – Art Director – MullenLowe Dubai
Jean Nicolas Guerreiro – Brazil – Art Director – MullenLowe Dubai

Team 5, Venezuela:
Andrea Marcano – Venezuela Art Director – The Wave
Barbara Carro – Venezuela Art Director – The Wave
Celine Moreno – Venezuela Art Director – The Wave
Mariana Madalena – Venezuela Art Director – The Wave

I believe it has been a very positive experience and that activities like this, together with the presentations of Iberoamérica Diseña that are being made in different countries, are beginning to give ID visibility and placing us in a place of reference.

CAF / Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean


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