Iberoamérica Diseña

Anita Cooney

Estados Unidos

An artist, designer, and educator, is the founding Dean of the School of Design at Pratt Institute, a position she has held since 2014, the year Pratt split its art and design programs into separate academic units. Prior to this, she spent nine years as the chair of Pratt’s Interior Design Department, where her transformative leadership of one of the country’s oldest interior design programs remade it into one of the country’s best—according to national rankings. Anita is one of those rare academic leaders who views program and department administration as a form of creative practice, an attitude she first developed during the three years she served as assistant chair of undergraduate architecture in Pratt’s School of Architecture. After completing her undergraduate studies at Brown University, Anita continued her education at Pratt, which has been her institutional home since the mid-90s, even as she continued to develop her professional practice at such firms as Takashimaya and Robert AM Stern, and in her own studio, acoo design. For more than a decade, she has been a member of DesignInquiry, a collective of thinkers and makers who research diverse topics in design through intensive team-based and place-based gatherings. As a designer and educator, Anita has long subscribed to a simple mantra: how can we “design without borders”? This means something greater than simply working across disciplines. It’s about recognizing what she calls the “FLOWS” of design in order to prioritize how design—at its best—connects, enables, sustains, empowers and humanizes.

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Anita Cooney, Carmelo di Bartolo, José Romo, Marisela Ávalos.