Iberoamérica Diseña

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the goal of the 1st Ibero-American Research and Design Forum?

The goal is to create a steady community and turn the Research and Design Forum into a space for exchange for Ibero-American research. To increase the presence of Spanish and Portuguese in scientific publications on research, creation and innovation in Ibero-American design. To promote Ibero-American design with research as a vector and to start a Map of Design Research in Ibero-America.

Will there be certificates of participation?

Yes, the Association will issue certificates of participation. These certificates will be endorsed by the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), the University of Aveiro (Portugal) and the University of Havana (Cuba).

What is the schedule of the event?

The activities of the forum will take place on November 6th, 7th and 8th both in the morning and in the afternoon. The program will be available soon.

Where will the Forum be held?

In Madrid, Spain. At Casa de América and at the Instituto Cervantes. There will also be streaming.

How can I participate?

As an author or collaborator of research projects, you can register them through the online form to be part of the publication and be eligible for their oral presentation.

As an attendee to the program activities, you can attend as a listener. Free online (links will be shared on the web and social media) and in person with a previous registration that will be activated on the website.

As an institution you can be linked to the event, as a sponsor, supporting attending researchers, as a collaborating institution, you can send the proposal or contact info@iberoamericadisena.com.

To participate with Research Projects


How do I know if my project is valid to be presented at the Forum?

All research projects will be accepted, both those carried out at the Academy, as well as research projects carried out in companies. Registration is free, so we encourage you to send your project to be taken into account in the selection process.

How much does registration cost?

There is no registration fee, it is done through the online form, free of charge.

What are the requirements for participation?

To have a research and/or design project: doctoral thesis, master’s thesis, applied research or technology transfer.

Until when is the registration period open?

The deadline for submitting research projects is the 16th of October.

Once the registration has been sent, is it possible to make changes, and what should I do if I make a mistake in filling in the data?

In case of a mistake in the submitted data, the modification may be requested by sending an e-mail to foro@iberoamericadisena.com with the data to be modified. The subject line should include the word “Correction” and the body of the e-mail should clearly explain the wrong information and the correct information.

To participate with Research Projects


How many projects will be selected?

All projects submitted, after passing a review for classification, will be part of an edited publication, with ISBN registration. In addition, 22 research projects will be selected to be presented as part of the Forum program at Casa de América

How many speakers can there be per project?

The time limit for each presentation is 15 minutes. It can be presented by as many people as the speakers consider, taking into account this time limit.. It can be presented by as many people as the speakers consider, taking into account this time limit.

If my project is selected, will I be the speaker?

Yes, the selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented during the different workshops.

If my project is selected, does the organization cover any travel or accommodation expenses?

The association does not cover travel, accommodation or per diem expenses. However we are trying to link hotels with special rates, we will inform of any agreement if we are able to do so. We can also make recommendations upon request. Additionally, we can make collaboration agreements with training centers, research units and institutions that sponsor the attendees. Adding their collaboration as part of the event.

To participate as an attendee /listener

Where will the event be held?

In two venues in Madrid, Spain. Casa de América and Cervantes.

Is it possible to attend online?

Yes, as a listener you will be able to connect online, but if there are workshops, they will only be in person and will not be accessible virtually.

Can I register more than one project?

Yes, you can register as many projects as you wish.

Will there be a second forum at a later date?

The new association “Iberoamérica Diseña” has been created to promote Ibero-American design, so, apart from more activities, workshops and events, the Ibero-American Research and Design Forum will have continuity in the coming years.

Is access to the different conferences free of admission?

No. To access the talks, an online registration must be made, which will be activated on the Iberoamerica Diseña website. www.iberoamericadisena.com