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The Iberoamérica Diseña Strategic Plan (2024-2028) focuses on promoting the transformation and development of design in the region, highlighting its social and economic usefulness. It is divided into three phases: Integration and Collaboration, Development and Expansion, and Leadership and Consolidation, including forums, dissemination, publications and traveling exhibitions. It also addresses the creation of an Ibero-American Design Agenda, promotes sustainability and innovation, and establishes a network of collaboration between institutions, universities and companies. It also includes the management of partners and promotes active participation and commitment.


“To drive the transformation and development of design in Ibero-America by promoting the social and economic utility character of design through dissemination, collaboration, research and design education.”


By 2028 to be the leading community in Ibero-America in the field of design, recognized for its significant contribution to the organization, management and practice of design, always oriented towards sustainability and the cultural and economic development of the region.”

Three main points

  1. Strategic Structure and Objectives:
      • Integration and Collaboration Phase (2024-2025): Focuses on the organization of forums, the dissemination of design through radio programs and podcasts, publications that build an Ibero-American Design Map, and traveling exhibitions that highlight the region’s design and typography.
      • Development and Expansion Phase (2026-2027): Continues the development of forums, expands the dissemination of design through different media, continues to contribute to the Design Map with publications, and maintains traveling and typography exhibitions.
      • Leadership and Consolidation Phase (2028): Focused on consolidating the Ibero-American Design Map and highlighting the importance of typography linked to the region’s languages and economy.
  2. Ibero-American Design Agenda (2024-2028): Seeks to promote alliances and strengthen relationships to establish a clear agenda with defined milestones, promote a culture of innovation and sustainability, and create a network of exchange and collaboration among various institutions.
  3. Participation and Commitment: Emphasizes the importance of the active participation and commitment of the members of the community for the development of the plan, organized in work teams and specialized commissions such as the Sustainable Design Commission, Design and Business, and Editing and Publications.

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