Iberoamérica Diseña

Exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University Complutense of Madrid. 2023

at the
Cervantes Institute
in Bucharest

Opening: May 24th, 2024 Venue: Instituto Cervantes of Bucharest

Within the framework of the Romanian Design Week and thanks to the Cervantes Institute, the Ibero-American Typography exhibition will be held in Bucharest. This will be the first of several exhibitions that will be held in different venues of the Cervantes Institute.

The “Tipografía Iberoamericana” exhibition consists of 90 posters showing the diversity and beauty of the typographies created in our region. Each poster presents three distinctive aspects of a typographic work: a phrase or quote from a key author of Ibero-American culture, accompanied by the complete alphabet of the typography and a summary sample of the typography.

This exhibition shows through the 30 different typographies, designed by teams or designers from Latin America, Portugal and Spain, which is the tip of the Iceberg of a graphic and typographic design that is turning Ibero-America into a reference region in the design of the present and the design of the future, a very near future already.

Conceptual Idea
Manuel Estrada

David Criado
Luciano Vergara

Lorena Pardo
Florencia Schmidt

Typographic Foundries
Huerta Tipográfica
Los Andes Type
para escribir en Guaraní

Poster design
Estrada Design
David Criado
Celeste Prieto
Manuel González
Joaquín Gallego
Teresa Camacho
Ruth Klotzel
David Gil
Alejandro Magallanes
Natalia Campero

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